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How can I make a payment?

Direct Debit

Our primary payment method is monthly Direct Debit as that's how most of us manage our bills these days, not only does it make life simpler but it allows you to benefit from cheaper prices. Direct Debit payments will be taken automatically from your bank account each month. If you manage your account online, we'll send you a statement every month so you can check everything's ok. It's easy to manage and gives you a great saving.

Online banking

If we're unable to set up your Direct Debit or a payment fails, the easiest way to make a payment is through online banking. Our details are as follows:

Payee: Affect Energy
Sort code: 40 47 17
Account number: 22898462
Your reference: Please use your Affect Energy account number as a reference. (This is a 9 digit number beginning with 7 - you'll find this on most of our emails)

You won't get a discount with this payment method, but you have the convenience of being able to make a payment 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you've paid us once this way your online bank account will usually remember the transaction details - making future payments even easier.

Please note: We don't accept payments by cheque or giro. We're also unable to accept payment by standing order.

Prepayment Meter

We ​don't currently support Prepayment meters. Sorry.