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Why do I need to read my meter?

We want your Direct Debit payments to be as accurate as possible and it helps us buy energy more effectively. Without your meter readings we'll have to estimate your bills and your Direct Debit amount, which could mean you're paying too much, or in some cases too little. We don't want you to receive unexpected high bills and one way to avoid this is to provide your meter readings monthly. The easiest way to add your meter readings is online through MyAffect.

We'll ask for your first meter reading as soon as we take over your supply (this is usually 17 days from when you sign up) and then once a month from that point on.

Don't be surprised if you get a visit from someone wanting to read the meter. We'll send meter readers out from time to time just to make sure everything's ok. They will usually be from a company called Lowri Beck and should be able to show you appropriate photo identification. If you have any doubts or concerns about anyone visiting your property on our behalf, then please contact us.