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How do you calculate my Direct Debit amount?

When you join us we'll estimate how much you'll spend over a 12 month period based on the information you provided during sign up.

Every month we'll produce an online bill for you. As you're paying by Direct Debit this is more of an account summary than a traditional bill. It's quite normal for either a small debt or a credit to build up on the account because your energy usage changes each month, but the amount you are paying stays the same.

We'll regularly review your Direct Debit amount. Over time we'll have a better idea of how much energy you're using by looking at the meter readings you provide. We'll adjust the amount if necessary. This should ensure that any debit or credit is set to a sensible amount. We'll try to ensure that we are not owed lots of money and equally that we're not holding onto your cash unnecessarily. Don't worry, we'll always let you know of any changes prior to the next Direct Debit coming out.