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I'm moving out, what do I need to do?

The easiest way to do this is to login to your online account. You can provide us with the details we need from there.

If you're not able to login to your online account, then you can send an email to  - unfortunately we can't accept instructions more than 14 days in advance.

Please include the following;

  • Your name
  • The full address of where you're moving from
  • Your account number (found on your bill and starts with 7)
  • The date you moved out of the property
  • A meter reading from the day you moved out
  • Your new address or forwarding details
  • Your phone number

If possible, it would be really helpful for us to know the following information:

  • The name/s of the new occupier
  • Their phone number and email address
  • The date they're expecting to move in
  • The name and address of the landlord, if you don't own your home

Once your account has been closed we'll send you your final bill.

Please be aware that if you are providing these details in advance, we may have to close your account to an estimated meter reading. The closer to the moving out date you're able to provide a meter reading, the better. 

Whilst you're online why not get a quote for your new home?