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How do I choose the start date for my new energy supply so that it ties in with my contract end date?

We're committed to switching you over to us as fast as we can. Assuming we don't have any problems with your switch, we'll start supplying you 17 days after you sign up. It takes 17 days due to industry processes - we'd love to go faster!

So if you sign up 17 days before you want your switch to take place then you'll hit the day that you want.

If you are worried about incurring a termination fee from your previous supplier for finishing a few days early, then don't. If your tariff is coming to an end you have a switching window of 49 days before the end of your contract.

In this window, you are free to switch from this contract to another supplier without being charged a termination fee. This is something that the people who regulate the energy market, OFGEM, have laid down to help you.