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Do you support smart meters?

If you already have a smart meter, it's still easy to switch to us, but we'll need to ask you to read the meter for the time being. We appreciate that this doesn't sound like the best use of a smart meter, but we're a relatively new supplier and want to make sure our standard processes are all bedded in well before we start to complicate things!

We are not currently installing smart meters as we are working towards installing a 2nd generation of smart meter (SMET2). This will enable customers to move suppliers and continue to use the same smart meter.

The current generation of smart meters (SMET1) are not interchangeable across suppliers.

At Affect Energy, we want to ensure we only offer our customers a positive SMART experience and we don’t believe that the current SMET1 option is the best long-term solution, therefore we are committed to offering SMET2 smart meters which will be fully interoperable i.e. you shouldn’t lose smart functionality in the future or need to have the meter changed again!

When the testing is completed, and we are confident the solution is fully working and doesn’t impact the experience of Smart meters for all our customers we will start to offer SMETS2 meters, based on current plans this is likely to be in Q3 2019.