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What is our fuel mix?

We source all of our electricity direct from the grid; this means our fuel mix mirrors that of the UK as a whole. We don't buy specific energy contracts for specific fuels - we just try to get it at a great price for you.
At the moment, the way electricity is distributed means all the energy going into your home comes from the central grid system; this means a 100% 'renewable' tariff doesn't mean you're being supplied 100% renewable energy to your home.
The UK's making great moves in developing renewable energy, and we're fully behind this. And as the cost of renewable energy falls, we're hoping this will have a knock on effect on the cost of supplying clean energy to you.

Our Fuel Mix April 2016 - March 2017

Our (Residual Mix) 13.5%
UK Average 8.5%

Our (Residual Mix) 41.4%
UK Average 44.1%

Our (Residual Mix) 11.3%
UK Average 21.0%

Our (Residual Mix) 29.4%
UK Average 24.2%

Our (Residual Mix) 4.4%
UK Average 2.2%

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

High Level Radioactive Waste