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Do you have an app?

This is an interesting one.... 

We already have a website that adapts to a mobile screen - we think this is pretty cool, so we're not sure there's a need for an app. By not having one, we save money which we can pass on to you by charging you less for your energy.  If you want a permanent link to our mobile site on your phone (to make it like an app but at the same time make sure that an energy app doesn't take up valuable storage on your phone), then this should be pretty easy to do: 

For an iphone using Safari:

  1. Open up Safari Enter
  2. Login to your account - you should now be on the home screen of our website
  3. At the bottom of the screen is a square with an up arrow coming out of it - press on that
  4. Press on the option of 'Add to Home Screen' 

An example for an android phone would be:

  1. Open up your internet browser on your smart phone (we're using Google Chrome in this example)
  2. Enter Login to your account - you should now be on the home screen of our website
  3. There are 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the screen - tap on them and a menu will open up
  4. Click on add to Home Screen

So what does this give you? 

  • One touch access to your logged in account from your phone - ​both of these methods should create a link on your phone (like an app icon). When you press on the icon, it will go straight to your account
  • The convenience of an app without the 'boring energy company app' taking up valuable space on your phone
  • You can also choose the page that the 'app' opens up on by selecting 'add to home screen' from the page you use most

We'd be really interested to hear your views on this.