Switching to Affect Energy

Here's some key information about switching. It's stuff that we get asked a lot, so hopefully it will fill in some of the gaps...

It takes 17 days to switch to us 

We'll aim to switch your account 17 days after you sign up - this allows lots of electronic data flows to 'zip' back and forth between your old and new supplier. If you're coming from a switching site, and not direct, then this may take a few days longer. We can't guarantee the 17 days, but as long as there are no problems it usually works that we switch on that day. Once a switch is in progress we can't change the target date without cancelling the switch, so here are some considerations: 

- if your tariff runs out before that date it's likely you'll go on you current suppliers standard rates; you won't lose your energy supply

- if your current deal is cheaper you may want to consider signing up at a later date to make the most of your existing tariff


Your previous supplier can't charge termination fees in the final weeks of your contract

All suppliers have to let customers know that their fixed tariff is ending 40 to 49 days from its end date. Once you've got this communication from your supplier you're free to leave without incurring any fees. So no need to worry.

If you can't see your address, contact us

As part of the sign up, we use industry databases to identify your address.The information you see is the information the industry holds about your address (or at least a reasonably up to date copy of it) - sometimes it doesn't appear as well looked after as we'd like it to. As such, if you can't find your address, it could be under a different postcode or a different house name, then contact us with you meter point number (a 13 digit number usually found on your bill) or your meter serial number (usually found on the front of your meter) and your house number and postcode and we can advise you on what we need to do next. It's also perfectly normal to find one but not the other as the gas and electricity databases are completely separate. Picking an address at random usually ends up with angry neighbours calling us to ask why we're taking over their supply and a delay to your own switch as we have to start again.

No news is generally good news

So long as everything goes to plan, we won't contact you from the switch date until your account goes live 17 days later. As soon as the account goes live, we'll ask you for your first meter reading by sending you an email.

Your previous supplier may take a little while to produce a final bill

The first reading you supply us with will be sent to your old supplier, so that they can use it to produce your final bill. This can take 2-3 weeks after your switch as they have to receive the reading through official industry processes and then produce the bill. We'd recommend leaving your DD open with them so that any money owed to you can be paid back to you. 

Our prices can change on a daily basis

Typically we change tariffs once a month at present, but we can't guarantee that this will always be the case.

New home? Wait until you're in to sign up

If you're moving into a new home, we'd recommend not signing up until you are in the home. Gas and electricity will always be available to you. If you start the switching process before you move in, the people who are in there at the moment will get a letter from their energy company to tell them they are leaving. They won't have instigated this and all sorts of fun ensues... Take a meter reading when you move in (as you will owe the existing supplier for any energy used until you switch, and we should have you over to us in 17 days.

Your unit rates and standing charges can be found in your welcome pack

If you want to check on the unit rates and standing charges you signed up to you'll find these in your Welcome Pack. You'll find this in the messages section of your online account, MyAffect.